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Just One of Those Days

Every single person in my house is having a very cranky day. My husband and I are both annoyed with the kids, and each other, the kids are cranky about everything…oh, my. I actually got a decent amount of sleep … Continue reading

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Running as Therapy

I am an incredibly slow runner. I won’t even share with you my pace; just know that it’s slow but I’m still damn proud of myself for doing it. Because of this, I have very few friends with whom I … Continue reading

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My Secret Identity

How exciting. I’ve always wanted to have one, haven’t you? When I began this writing project, I kept it to myself, and just a few friends. A select group of real-life buddies, “imaginary” (message-board) friends, and a couple of family … Continue reading

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Tapping the Creativity

Well. This “writing every day” stuff is hard. <whine> I still don’t feel “creative” many days. I’m not sure what it is. Language– that could be it. In finding my voice, I’m discovering it’s not what I’d like it to … Continue reading

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Mommy Porn

A few weeks ago, I was talking with friends about the emerging trend of “New Adult” fiction; it appears “Young Adult” has moved on. Some call it “YA with sex” but NA authors dislike that reductionist definition. It’s a different … Continue reading

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The Old Stomping Grounds

I’m writing in bed right now; a rarity, because we normally don’t allow our computers up here. Smart phones and Kindle Fire, yes; laptop, no. I’m not sure why we have that distinction, but we do. I have been known … Continue reading

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Later That Day…

Finished. Just over 5,000 words. I. Am. Wrung. Out. Rarely have I felt the words pour out of me; well, not just pour, but that they were physically pulled out. Like on Supernatural (I’m a fangirl, it’s one of my … Continue reading

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Show and Tell

Yesterday, I mentioned fighting with a scene in my head. It was one of those that grabs a hold of you and doesn’t let go. Every time I tried to think about my WIP, I couldn’t. These two got in … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished.

Sometimes, there are no words. Other times, there are too many; a thesaurus full of descriptive possibilities. Today, only one, and one of the simplest: fun. Last night was fun. In many ways, it was just what I needed–from start … Continue reading

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Breaking Out of My Comfort Zone

I am in a rut. And as I sat in my car the other day after turning off the engine, absorbing the sunlight and vitamin D through the front windshield, with my eyes closed, imagining myself on a beach, I … Continue reading

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