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Doing It Old School

Do you ever feel as though the universe is trying to send you a message? When many signs converge to point you in a direction you hadn’t anticipated swerving toward? 1. A few weeks ago, my friend posted a link … Continue reading

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Extroverts vs. Introverts: A Scientific POV

First: I have no idea what had happened to Wednesday’s post. If you got the notice it was up and came here to read and found it was gone, I’m sorry. Hopefully it’s there now. For today’s post, I just … Continue reading

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I Have a One-Track Mind

No, not like that, you perverts! It’s just that I only have room for one–well, maybe two–obsession(s) in my mind at one time. And while I keep meaning to get back to writing, the kids’ lives intervene…I pick up a … Continue reading

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