NaNoWriMo Week 1 Check-In

Let’s just say…it’s going. 

I was doing so well, words just pouring from my fingers, then it happened: I began to question my plot. My premise. My characters. And the characters stopped doing things. I found myself writing a scene so boring, I fell asleep. 

Which then led to self-doubt. That isn’t hard; it’s always just under the surface, waiting for a moment of weakness when it can spring forth and attack. So today I’ve been jerking around, “researching”, falling into my old bad habit of deciding to learn how to be a better writer before I write.

Because *that* works so well.

Not for the first time, I found myself wishing I’d chosen an alternate career path. Or perhaps that I’d focused on writing more in my college days, rather than on the biology curriculum that led me, ultimately, nowhere. But no, I was too good for that; I’d taken AP English in High School and that was all the writing I would need, as a scientist, thank you very much. Screw the creative writing classes. Who needed them? Not I.

And thus I now find myself knowing the mechanics of grammar and with a vast vocabulary on which to draw and yet no idea how to put words together in an alluring way.

Although I do know how. Kind of. I’ve done it before. I can do it again. So what if this first draft sucks? That’s what NaNo is all about. 

I just read this post by Chuck Wendig and highly recommend it.

Permission to suck, granted.


About Kerrie Strong

Years ago, I chose to suppress my creative side in favor of a career (or two, or three) in science. This blog is filled with exercises intended to reverse the atrophy of my right brain. I hope you enjoy my ramblings.
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2 Responses to NaNoWriMo Week 1 Check-In

  1. a/k/a Nadine says:

    I’m particularly taken with this sentence from his post: “And write your way through the suck.”

    I started NaNoWriMo off really well (for me), but then life got the better of me and I haven’t gotten back in the swing of things. Stupid life dragging me down. Anywho, I’m also trying to let myself suck. Wishing you lots of success with sucking (or not).

    • Thank you! Best of luck to you, too. I let myself get derailed last year and have vowed not to do so this year. I WILL finish a novel, dammit. 🙂 Get back to writing! It’s only Nov 8, you can’t have gotten too far off track.

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