Where is My Jet Pack?

One of my more recent role acquisitions has been that of Brownie co-leader. My daughter was in Daisies last year and has graduated to Brownies, and I love that I’m able to be a part of it. Last year and in the very beginning of this year, I just dropped her off/picked her up. But this year since I’m not working I was ready and willing to step up when my friend first needed a helper, then a co-leader. My mother was one of my Girl Scout leaders and I really appreciated having her around.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed being the helper. Just being there to add an extra body, an extra voice, an extra pair of hands, helping out before and after our meeting. However, last week my friend and co-leader, a longtime scout leader herself, asked me to plan this week’s meeting.

Oy. My fear of public speaking reared its ugly head. How quickly we get out of practice. If she’d needed me to make phone calls, the panic may have been crippling. Fortunately, my role ended at planning and presenting the lesson.

The badge we’re working on is the Inventor badge. It’s a lot of fun–badges are way different now than they were 30 years ago. Last week we talked about famous female inventors and did some exercises designed to get the girls thinking independently. They had to walk from one end of the room to the other, in a manner no one else had. At first, they thought they’d never be able to come up with so many different ways. And, I have to admit, I agreed. But then I watched these girls hopping, rolling, and dancing across the room. And laughing. The laughing was great. Then they all had to go back, and somehow, they all found even more ways to move.

The bar was set rather high. But in my reading, I hit upon one suggestion that I loved: the “What if?” game. A writer’s favorite game! The timing was fortuitous as well, since a friend’s daughter was asking me about writing the other day but said she had a hard time coming up with ideas.

Two birds, one stone.

I tend to forget about the “What If?” game when I’m in the midst of a WIP, because I think I don’t need added inspiration for a story already in progress. But I had forgotten that I can always use it to come up with new ways to torment my main characters.

Food for thought…

I loved to see the young minds hard at work. Especially while brainstorming, once I explained that no idea was too crazy, or too silly, to be counted. Everything goes down on the paper. And I realized, I need to do this more often.

My Brownies came up with robot cats and jet packs. For everything. In their eyes, our future is full of robot cats who make our beds, and everyone wears a jet pack. I find this amusing because I am pretty sure people have been predicting we’d all be using jet packs in the future for at least 50 years, right?

I want my jet pack, dammit.


About Kerrie Strong

Years ago, I chose to suppress my creative side in favor of a career (or two, or three) in science. This blog is filled with exercises intended to reverse the atrophy of my right brain. I hope you enjoy my ramblings.
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