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Battling Atrophy

Several years ago, I was lucky enough to get back in touch with a friend with whom I’d become estranged. At first our contact was tentative. Both of us were out of practice in talking to each other. You know … Continue reading

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Happily Ever After

It’s the goal in a romance novel. It’s what differentiates a romance from women’s fiction or book club books. It’s the payoff in a romantic comedy. It’s the ending of the Disney-fied fairy tales (not, though, the Hans Christian Andersen … Continue reading

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Permission to Suck, Granted

When I began writing, eighteen-ish months ago, one of the bits of advice I read was that you need to allow yourself to just write without fear of how bad it’s going to be. Because it is going to be … Continue reading

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My Avon Addiction

It’s not what you think. Or what my UPS guy thought as he delivered shiny pink packages to me every month, to the “Avon Addict” at my address. About two years ago, in the midst of my historical romance/Julia Quinn/Eloisa … Continue reading

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A Time and a Place

I have been struggling with how to fit writing into my life. I could say I haven’t had the time, but that’s not true. I’ve lacked the focus needed, that’s for sure. I am the obsessive type, but unfortunately I … Continue reading

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My Voice

I think I have found it. While it’s not what I had initially looked for, I think I’m OK with what it is. More words tomorrow.

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My Secret Identity

How exciting. I’ve always wanted to have one, haven’t you? When I began this writing project, I kept it to myself, and just a few friends. A select group of real-life buddies, “imaginary” (message-board) friends, and a couple of family … Continue reading

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Tapping the Creativity

Well. This “writing every day” stuff is hard. <whine> I still don’t feel “creative” many days. I’m not sure what it is. Language– that could be it. In finding my voice, I’m discovering it’s not what I’d like it to … Continue reading

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Later That Day…

Finished. Just over 5,000 words. I. Am. Wrung. Out. Rarely have I felt the words pour out of me; well, not just pour, but that they were physically pulled out. Like on Supernatural (I’m a fangirl, it’s one of my … Continue reading

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Show and Tell

Yesterday, I mentioned fighting with a scene in my head. It was one of those that grabs a hold of you and doesn’t let go. Every time I tried to think about my WIP, I couldn’t. These two got in … Continue reading

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